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Dinu Bucalet Seminar

Polaris Veteran with 7 fights on 3 different shows Battle Grapple most submission wins (4) Pro MMA (7-1,listed on sharedog only 4-1) RXF Pro MMA Lightweight Champion 2015 UKMMA Lightweight & Welterweight Amateur Champion TUFF Invitational Purplebelt Lightweight Champion 2016 IBJJF European Champion No GI 2018 Brown Belt NAGA European Champion No Gi Expert x 2 times 2018 NAGA UK Champion 2018 Brown belt AGF European Champion x 2 times 2019 Black belt British Open Champion 2019 British Open No Gi Champion 2015 English Open No Gi Champion 2018 Grappling Industries Amsterdam 2019 Black belt Absolute Champion JJIF World Championship Ne Waza Silver 2013 JJIF European Championship Ne Waza Bronze 2015 JJIF European Cup Champion 2018 JJIF Balkan Champion 2017 WMMAA World Championship Bronze 2013 Hungarian Open Champion 2013 Romanian BJJ National Champion many times Judo Regional UK gold medals and many other local events in UK, Romania and around Europe

Monday April 11th 

6:30PM - 8:30PM


Dinu seminar.jpg
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